Hello readers, today I’m going to write on EPM vs ERP. We all know about enterprise resource planning software and also about enterprise performance management.

These two terms often create a dilemma in the mind of people because of their functionalities.

Today I’m going to address the differences between the…

Cloud transformation continues to be every organization’s priority to keep up with the speed of business, companies are in a rush to swap out IT infrastructures for cloud-based services to accelerate business operations and stay competitive.

What is cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is simply the process of moving your work to the cloud, including…


UiPath is one of the giants in the world of RPA. Owing to UiPath‘s three key products Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator, it enables the following:

  • Designing the visual workflow of an automation process.
  • Executing necessary operations without any human intervention.
  • Deployment, scheduling, and monitoring of robots through a web application.

Data Lake Tools

We’ve already discussed the various real-life instances wherein various organizations took ample benefits from a particular data lake tool.

The fact that data lake has been of great utility for businesses is clearly evident from its rapidly growing market reach. The data lake market stood at $3.74 billion in 2019…

Payment Gateway Testing Tools

Before getting on to the top payment gateway testing tools, here’s a brief on what a payment gateway is.

A payment gateway is a service that is provided by an eCommerce website to provide convenient payment options to its customers who make online purchases of goods and services.

It accepts…

Cloud Migration Patterns Explained

Do you know what cloud migration is? Well, it is simple. The process by which companies move their on-premises data completely or partially to the cloud network is known as cloud migration.

This process is not as simple as it looks. It can include moving the services and other applications…

Owing to the need for ease and security of doing things, Electronic Signature is quickly gaining steam as a more convenient method of gathering signatures on documents for business transactions, particularly in the e-commerce world.

Read the report to learn how leading companies across industries are improving critical business processes…


Cloud storage models are models of cloud computing that stores data on the internet via cloud computing providers. These providers manage and operate data storage as a service.

Cloud storage is basically an online storage of data. …

Digital Experience Platform Architecture

Howdy readers, I welcome you with both my hands pressed against each other and fingers pointing upwards, as the Indians do. I love Indian culture.

But that’s not my topic for today. My topic for today is the digital experience platform architecture.

We all know how important going digital is…

Shikha Gupta

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