Applications and Benefits of Augmented Reality across various industries

Here are 13 Augmented Reality applications and the benefit it has over the business:

  1. SAVED
  2. US Army
  3. Man City’s Stadium Tour
  4. Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers
  5. IKEA’s Mobile App
  6. Sephora’s Virtual Artist
  7. Gucci’s “Try-On Shoes”
  8. Nintendo’s Pokemon Go App
  9. Toyota’s AR Vehicle Demo
  10. AccuVein IV Insertion
  11. The Weather Channel and Studio Effects
  12. Boeing 737
  13. Pepsi MAX Campaign


US Army

  • Tactical Augmented Reality:
  • TAR are night-vision goggles that help soldiers locate the positions of their allies and enemies. It is a wearable device that avoids handheld GPS devices.
  • TAR has benefitted the army by enhancing a soldier’s combat skills and judgment. It also avoids the hassle of soldiers working with multiple devices.
  • HUD 3.0
  • HUD is a helmet-mounted augmented reality display used for aiming practice, navigation skills, and virtual training.
  • The head-up display would enable soldiers to participate in practical training scenarios. Troops in training shall use the device to practice with virtual enemies that would react realistically.HUD 3.0 is still under field tests as they want the device to be lightweight, compact, and customizable.
  • Synthetic Training EnvironmentLessons a soldier learns in training is very basic compared to the scenarios that they may have to face in real life. It is important for a soldier to remain level-headed at the time of stressful situations.AR systems like the STE help prepare the soldiers physically and mentally for demanding operations and tasks. With STE, high-level military officials aim to segregate soldiers according to their tactical skills and scores.

Man City’s Stadium Tour

Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers

IKEA’s Mobile App

Sephora’s Virtual Artist

Gucci’s “Try-On Shoes”

Nintendo’s Pokemon Go App

Toyota’s AR Vehicle Demo

AccuVein IV Insertion

The Weather Channel and Studio Effects

Boeing 737

Pepsi MAX Campaign





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